Fun Drawing in November 2020

The list:

-Randy H

-Morgan M

-Sarah F

-Briana R

-Pina Family

-Jennifer R

-April Y

-Pam W

-Hunter G

-Cary H

-Devyn B

-Kaylin W

-Serena L

-Kait D

- Jennifer G

- Dade I

-Cat M

-Sarah- E


-Donna P

-Tawnya M

-Kristen H

-Ron F

-Randi C

-Adam P

-Cheryl B 

-Christina K

-Monique H
-Lorinda M
-Kayley G

- This is a fun little gift I am giving to my Patterson Family Dane Family. 
-Any Deposits I recieve in 2020, i will add you to the list to the left.

-Once we reach the end of 2020, I will draw TWO names.

-Those two people will get the chance to adopt a puppy for 1/4 the asking price from my next litter. 

-I am SO blessed to have all of you, and would love for a family to get a 2nd Dane baby.

-If you are chosen, this deal is NEVER ENDING, and can be redeemed at any point. 

Only submit this form if you are READY to place a deposit.Early deposit of $300, takes $100 off the total price of a puppy!


We accept CashApp, Venmo, Paypal or Square


Also, a reminder- if you're a previous adopter of these washington great danes, and adopt again... it's $200 off the total of a puppy!

There is a 10% discount for anyone in uniform! 


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