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Tire Kickers, no time for BS

Please stop with the "time wasters" and "tire kickers". I have had numerous people comment, message, and email me about either A) upcoming litters, or B) Current puppies, only to have multiple conversations and then nothing.. ghosted. Make sure you check with your significant other, friend, roommate, boss, landlord, dog, whatever it is that you need to check with before you message me. Please have understanding that Great Danes are not cheap, and they are not cheap to raise or breed. I do appreciate all of the interest, but i don't have time to waste on people who don't care or are not interested.

THANK YOU to the loyal Patterson Family Danes adopters, and supporters. I appreciate everyone so much. PS. i LOVE answering questions about my dogs, and program. I have everything to be proud of, so please feel free to ask, with the intention of ACTUALLY proceeding with adopting.

If you're 100% interested, add my Facebook GROUP, called Patterson Family Danes.

XOXOXO thank you!



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