Become a Guardian Family or Co-Own Family

Guardian Home:

- With all of the decisions for how we want our breeding program to be ran, we have decided to open the doors to a selective few people. We are choosing to allow a couple families to welcome a few of our dogs/ or puppies into their homes. These homes are called guardian homes. 

- We believe that our dogs should be raised in a loving home and environment. Being a guardian home is an excellent way to make sure our dogs get the best quality are, and a forever pet to the guardian home. The best thing for you? There is no out of pocket adoption fee. 

- We do not kennel our dogs here, at Patterson Family Danes; They are family to us.  We are looking for the same from our Guardian Home families. We are wanting to continue our breeding, in the best way we can think possible. We are very selective on who we are opening our doors up too. Guardian Homes will help make sure all of the Patterson Family Dane dog crew are raised in the best environments. 

-Being a guardian home means that you take on a Patterson Family Dane dog, or puppy and welcome them into your home. You pay for no adoption fee, however, you do pay for daily life; as they are your pet now. 

-When it comes to breeding related costs, those are on me. IE, health testing, progesterone's, or any other exams they need for breeding. If the said dog doesn't pass, they will be spayed and the papers turned over to you.

-I will retain breeding rights for the life of the contract, (2-3 breeding's), and you welcome a new pet into your household.


-For the heat cycles, along with the birth of the puppies, the female will come to me. It is encouraged to have the families come see their family member, and her new puppies! 

-For anyone interested in seeing if they would be a good fit, you must be within 100 miles of Spokane, Washington. There is also a $300 gift, after each breeding to help show my appreciation to you for being a great guardian home to my babies. 


- Anyone interested in full rights, I do offer co-own situations to the right breeder. 

- Co-owning a dog with Patterson Family Danes is a great way to get your foot in the door, and for me to back you up 100%. 

-With the Co-Own dogs, you pay half of the FULL registration price, along with a strict contract. Breeding rights stay with me, until the contract is filled. 

-Females: In return for papers, 1/2 of the dogs first litter goes to me. Assuming they pass health testing. If they do not, you spay the dog and then get the registration papers. After the 1/2 of the puppies is either paid off or delivered. The Female's papers are your's and the co-own turns into full rights. 

-Males: In return for the papers 3 successful breeding's will be split with Patterson Family Danes. Whether that is through stud fee, or litter fee's. Once those have been successful, the registration papers will be transferred over to you, and turn into full rights. 


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