Please make sure that you read these prior to committing to a deposit on a Great Dane Puppy. The contract is not a negotiation with me. Thank you!

Actual Contract for all puppies

Stud contract
-For using my boys

Hello past/future adopters! We have been trying out Nuvet for our dogs and puppies and have fallen in love with it. These supplements are amazing for their immune systems and joints. Anyone who adopts from me will get a free sample pack. But I encourage everyone to try for yourself! I use the powder for puppies up until 12 weeks. Then the wafers. My adults get the NuJoint DS and NuVet Plus. The code is: 394578

Deposit Request
Only fill this out after you have filled out an application, and been approved, The deposit is $300 and non-refundable.



Thanks for submitting! I'll reach out soon.