1) ANYONE who has submitted a deposit in the year 2020 will be entered in the drawing for a puppy at HALF price. This drawing will happen December 1st. And the deal never expires.
2) Anyone who places a deposit from now until Black Friday gets $200 off the total price of a puppy! (understand that the waitlists are getting full, and almost closed so your spot will be closer towards the bottom- but still a fantastic puppy).
3) Anyone who wants to enter in the Raffle, (I will take 25 spots) can enter to be placed in a drawing for a puppy HALF priced (including the deposit that you'll place if you win). Raffle tickets are $50. The raffle starts NOW and the drawing will happen once the raffle spots are full!


All puppies come with their Limited (no breeding) registration, 4 rounds of wormer, 2 sets of their first shots, prepaid/preregistered microchips, 2 year health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support. 

Get a Black Friday Deal


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