The face behind Patterson Family Danes


Hello everyone,

My name is Allie and I am the heart and soul behind Patterson Family Danes. I originally started this 5 years ago with a passion for Danes. This has led to my passion for breeding for temperament and heath/longevity in the breed. We OFA health test our breeding dogs for eyes, heart, and hips. My dogs all live indoors, and on my bed at night. I have the most amazing co-owns and guardian homes that have allowed me to expand my love for the breed while they are still receiving top notch care. I am weirdly over the top with lives, chats, and keeping up to date on my new FAMILY members. When you choose me as your breeder, you're choosing me for life. I am fully here to support you, in anyway that I can. I make mistakes, cuss to much, and learn every day about this fantastic breed. But my heart is pure, my goals are big, and I will accomplish a lot in this lifetime. I figured I'd introduce myself to all of the new followers along with past, current and future adopters. I also have a group where I am way more active than i am on this page. This is where you will see other adopters along with live video chats of my pack. I also create group chats for each litter to connect through life, and each stages the litters go through. I believe in puppy culture, along with lots of socialization for puppies with my 3 kids. I also love to have families come and meet the parents and upcoming PFD members on our outings we have a couple times a year. You guys are the big pieces to this puzzle and I'm beyond thankful for each of you! Cant wait for you to join along this journey. Xoxo.

Thank you for reading, and trusting me with your forever family member.



Patterson Family Danes

Forever a Dane lover